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Digital transformation is a goal and a process for many organizations (Tan et al. 2020). Government, businesses, non-for-profit organizations, entrepreneurs face significant challenges in navigating digital transformation. Our lab is fertile grounds for collaborative research and development. Through our research and development project outcomes, we will capacitate ‘front-line’ organizations executing digital transformation and sustainable development targets with knowledge necessary for technology transfer and to promote technologies for public good.

We use a unique transdisciplinary approach to solving real world problems

UNOVA adopts a lean structure that applies transdisciplinary principles of business, science, and technology research to unpack the core of partner problems. Work-shopping alongside hand-picked domain experts, trained technology researchers and engineers, we have helped partner organizations imagine the end state and future of digital transformation. 

In this developmental approach, UNOVA help partner organizations see an agile and collaborative technology platform build from ideation, incrementally delivered for concept, feature and function testing, and acceptance. Our core skills are applied technology research and consulting, application development, UI/UX, data management and platform integration.

In line with the mission of the Association of Information Systems (the premier international association for individuals and organizations that lead research and practices of Information systems), UNOVA serves society and businesses through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of digital transformation.

Work Integrated Learning

UNOVA supports the industry education program in Information Systems Courses. The industry education program has been a series of partner-led student-run technology project initiatives in collaboration with industry partners and supported by UNSW’s Work-Integrated-Learning and Career Accelerator teams. This initiative provides UNSW Business School students with professional industry engagement opportunities through project work in courses including INFS2621 and INFS2631.


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By working with us, we can reach your goals in a short distance.